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Got a problem with a light that's stopped working?... A circuit breaker that keeps tripping?... Or an overly zealous home inspector inventing an electrical problem?

Our experienced staff can troubleshoot and repair these matters in an efficient and expedient manner.

We have numerous commercial customers in the area who rely on our prompt service and troubleshooting skills to keep their business running smoothly.

Custom Residential

We have many years of experience in the custom home market, and work with several developers and homeowners on the design and installation of electrical services. We have experience in the installation of structured wiring systems which are integrated with whole house automation systems.  We can assist you in making your home state of the art. 

Electrical Work

We have numerous commercial customers in the area who rely on our prompt service and troubleshooting skills to keep their business running smoothly.  Tenant fit outs and new commercial construction we have the expertise to create a system from the ground up and we are there for you from the start of the project to final inspection.  Having worked in this area for over 30 years, we understand the permit process and have a thorough knowledge to the electrical code thereby minimizing delays in inspections to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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Parking Lot Lighting

We have the equipment necessary to safely service and maintain your parking lot lights.  Retrofitting your current parking lot lights with high efficiency LED lights can save you money while maintaining your current light level.   LED lights also last longer than traditional lights thereby reducing the number of service calls required to maintain the lighting and safety of your parking lot.

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Parking Lot Lighting
Locating & Conduit

Underground electric is not a problem for us. We have the technology to locate most underground conduit with ease and to troubleshoot and find underground faults in existing electrical services that have gone bad.  Want to run new underground service?  We have the equipment to trench and install conduit to meet your project needs.

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Sustainable Electrical Solutions

Finding sustainable electrical solutions is our specialty.   We understand that by reducing energy consumption not only does it make for a better and cleaner environment, but it also can result in significant financial savings for our customers.  Let our experts come in and evaluate your current system and find areas where you can reduce energy consumption.  We can retro fit your current system with high efficiency LED lighting which will outlast current lighting as well as save energy.  Planning a new green project?  Let us assist in designing an efficient system from the ground up.  We are experienced in the installation of solar panels and Electric Vehicle Charging (EV) stations at your home, business, or farm.  Green living can be made simple with the help of Electrical Solutions.  Solar panels with a battery back up power systems can reduce your reliance on traditional power sources.   Electric Vehicle Charging (EV) stations at your home or business are not only good for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions but also attract patrons to your business.  Environmental stewardship is something that Electrical Solutions strives to achieve to make the world a better place.


Outdated electrical equipment can be dangerous to you and your workers. The unreliability can be detrimental to the health of your livestock and crops.  The efficient use of electrical systems can significantly cut down on operating costs by conserving energy.  Our Electricians have experience in upgrading electrical systems in an agricultural setting as well as installing solar panels to improve energy efficiency. 

Electrical Solutions Electric Vehicle Ch
Sustainable Elec Solutions
Julie & Ed, New Market, MD customer

"A positive experience with the electrical work performed.  Very professional and left the job site spotless.  Perfect!"

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