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If they show up at your door, don't be alarmed.

These electricians will take good care of you.

Carl Dixon


Journeyman Electrician

Carl is the reason for Electrical Solutions, Inc.  Yep, that’s right, Carl is the father of the President of Electrical Solutions, Inc.  He set an example of excellence and hard work that has influenced Mike throughout the years.   Carl passed along his love of working with his hands from father to son and Mike was encouraged to follow the path of becoming an electrician.


Carl has over 50 years of experience and provides the much-needed support that every company needs. Carl makes sure that our shops are neat and free of debris, takes care of the occasional service call, and provides support whenever needed. Carl is so neat in everything he does, including electrical work, that he was once given an award for eating a white powdered donut and not getting any powder on him or his lips…………now that’s talent!  

Dave Ramsey2.jpg


Generator Technician

Dave began his career as an ASE certified automotive mechanic. In 2007, Dave decided to try his hand as a generator technician.  The skills Dave learned as an automotive mechanic were an excellent foundation for creating a great generator technician.  When Dave is on the job, you know that he will not only figure out what your problem is, but Dave takes pride in taking it one step further.  Dave strives to not only know what happened but why did it happen and how it can be prevented in the future. 


He is trained and certified on many makes and models of generators.  With his well-trained critical eye, Dave performs preventive maintenance on generators with the goal that your generator will be there when you need it most.  Safety is always important to Dave and he has completed certifications in Fall Protection and National Fire Protection Association.

Tracy, Mt Airy customer

"Couldn't be happier with their professionalism"

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